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How will you be remembered?

"Plan Your Funeral, Your Way"

Hello and welcome, my name is David Gonzalez, Founder an Owner of RGV Funeral & Cremation Planners. We are Licensed and Professional Pre-Funeral Planners representing families across the Rio Grande Valley. We have a great passion for helping families make one of the most important decisions of their life, planning for their Final Expense in this world.

We are all going to pass away eventually even though most of us think we are immortal. The truth is that we have a responsibility to our family to make sure they are financially prepared for laying us to rest. We help people and families check funeral plan off their list and we help save them thousands of dollars in that process.

We share the founding principles of offering our clients professional and personalized service. Our mission is and always will be to provide access to the most affordable Pre-Funeral and Cremation plans in order to plan for the future and protect families from the unexpected burden of funeral and burial costs.

I promise you no hassles and no sales pitches. It is my commitment and desire to establish trust and a long lasting relationship with you and your family. This commitment has served my team and I well throughout the years. I take pride in knowing that our clients keep returning to us for advice and service.

Whether your looking for the best Funeral or Cremation plan for you or a loved one, we want to speak with you and earn your business.

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Important Information
What is a Pre-Need Funeral Plan?

A Pre-Need funeral plan is an arrangement you make with a specific Funeral Home to cover details relating to your death. 


It allows you to pre-plan and pre-fund your funeral expenses with your funeral home of choice.

​You can choose for yourself the exact funeral you would want including the merchandise, the type of service, the vehicles you wish to use, the place of service, the music, the verses, and the many other details that normally would be decided by others at the time of service.

You can spend the exact amount that you feel is reasonable, and the price will be guaranteed.​ You can place the plans on file with the funeral home knowing that your wishes will be honored, and you will relieve your family from making many difficult decisions during a very emotional time.


Funeral arrangements are one of the realities of life…and yet is one of the most neglected areas in a person’s future planning. A pre-need funeral contract may be the solution.

Working With Over 20 Funeral Homes Across The Rio Grande Valley

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