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....Welcome To My Website....
Thank you for taking the time to stop by my website to learn more about how I can help you "Build Wealth Beyond The Classroom" My core mission is to help educators and school employees retire with financial dignity and to help have a more secure income at retirement! Everything we do is centered around you and the life you want.
I teach all school employees just like you how to start a retirement supplement through a Maximized Fund Plan, IRA or a Second Career. I have nothing to sell, only my advice, experience and knowledge... just like you.
Educating my clients and protecting my clients’ money by putting safety first every time is what I do best. Not one client has ever lost a penny due to market fluctuations!
I remain ever grateful for my clients and humbled by their continued confidence in me.
4 Simple Reasons On Why You Should Choose David Gonzalez
1.) You'll learn if your saving enough
2.) We're educators helping educators
3.) I hold you accountable to your goals
4.) Best of all I love listening to your stories
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